Writing When You’re Not in the Mood – by Melissa Donovan…

on Writing Forward:

When you experience a burst of inspiration that leads to a satisfying writing session, the results are exhilarating. Whether you’ve gotten some thoughts and feelings off your chest, written a piece that you think might be publishable, or taken a giant step forward with your work in progress, you are likely to feel elated.

Maybe you came up with an exciting opening scene. Maybe you crafted a poem that makes you feel like a laureate. Maybe you put the finishing touches on an essay that you’re certain will win hearts and minds.

Your words flowed. Sentences chimed. Ideas tumbled out with ease. It was not only enjoyable—it was fun; you had a good time.

But writing will not always be fun.

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One thought on “Writing When You’re Not in the Mood – by Melissa Donovan…

  1. Plan to drop by a little later and catch up on your full story…..it’s lockdown still and I need to complete a few errands before the curfew….just wanted to let you know that I got drawn with the title….it’s relevant….thanks for what I know will be a great post…..

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