New Audiobook Release – Beneath the Surface, Sgt. Windflower Mystery series Book 3 – by Mike Martin…

Beneath the Surface, Book 3 in the award-winning Sgt. Windflower Mystery series is now available as an audiobook

Break the isolation and take a trip to Grand Bank, Newfoundland.

The series won the Bony Blithe Award as best light mystery of the year in 2019 and its books have been nominated for many awards. It is cool cozy-like, Canadian crime fiction at its best.

In Beneath the Surface Sgt. Windflower is back and as usual he’s loving life on the east coast. He may be a long way from his home in Northern Alberta but he has been adopted by the locals as almost one of their own.

He has a good life, good work with the RCMP, and a good woman that he has grown closer to in his years on the southeast coast of Newfoundland. But trouble is brewing just beneath the surface of this calm and charm-filled existence.

To celebrate its launch as an audiobook, Mike Martin has a number of UK promo codes redeemable for a free audiobook download. It would be nice to get a review in return, but no commitment required and a good listening experience guaranteed

Please contact him at:

mike54martin (AT) yahoo (DOT) ca

Beneath the Surface is available in the UK

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