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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

1962_Ford_Thunderbird_Convertible_aqua Wikimedia 1962 Ford Thunderbird, Wikimedia

Hello all.  Earlier this week, Valentina Cirasola let me take part in some fun with a group of vibrant ladies. It was a “color challenge.”  Many of you will remember that I need color. If I’m surrounded by or wear all neutrals, I just don’t even feel good.

Green is my favorite color.  However, one of the colors Valentina named constantly runs a very close second with me (turquoise).  Now and then turquoise even gets ahead of green! 

Anyhow, turquoise is related to my novel in progress.  The vintage Thunderbird above is a very small hint about that book.  My heroine, Venus, would fit in with Valentina’s group of beautiful friends.  Click on over and get to know some new, colorful people.

Being on shelter-in time and away from humans has pushed a lot of people of different backgrounds to create kind…

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