Plot Twist Tricks

K.M. Allan

Is there anything as good as reading a story and coming across a plot twist so great it completely blows you away?

When done right, a plot twist will turn a tale on its head, get readers turning pages, and talking about your work to anyone who’ll listen. If that sounds like something you want in your manuscript, then these tricks are for you!

Plot Twist Tricks

Coming Up With A Twist

Some plot twists happen as you’re writing. You didn’t plan it; you didn’t see it coming, and you are the first reader to be surprised by the twist.

When it happens organically in the writing process, it should read that way in the finished draft. If you’re not sure, have a beta reader check that the twist is a natural fit in the story, and then thank your muse/writing-brain for coming up with something so genius.

If an…

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