Building A Unique Author Brand – With Gail Carriger…

on The Creative Penn:

How do you intentionally create an author brand that resonates with your readers? How can you write the books you love and make a successful living as a full-time author? All this and more in today’s interview with Gail Carriger.

Show Notes

  • Travel as an important part of writing
  • Writing about a culture other than one’s own without slipping into stereotypes and cliché
  • Writing the books we’ve longed to read
  • The research and planning that goes into a nearly 30 book series
  • On having an author brand that includes a physical persona
  • Ideas for thinking about author branding
  • The importance of getting a newsletter started early in a writing career.

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4 thoughts on “Building A Unique Author Brand – With Gail Carriger…

  1. Thanks, some of those tips are also applicable to people writing a blog instead of a book – especially the bit about starting a newsletter. The person who inspired me to start one (David Sawyer from Zude PR) said ‘it’ll take you a long time to get to 2000 subscribers’ – and he wasn’t kidding! The earlier you start with it, the better I guess.

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