The Power of Hopeful Stories in a Stressful Time – by K.M.Weiland…

on Helping Writers become Authors:

What is your story putting into the world?

I mean that question literally. Every story takes up space in the world—and not just on a bookshelf. Every story you read or watch becomes a part of you. It changes you. Your brain physically changes to make space not just for the memories of this story, but for the thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints it has created or evolved.

I say it often: There is no such thing as “just” a story.

Every story changes every person who encounters it. Sometimes those changes are so monumental, we know our lives are forever changed. But even the changes we don’t consciously notice are still an irreversible weft in the growing tapestry of our lives.

Anybody who reads your story (including you) is going to be changed by it. Their brains will change to make space for it. Their lives will change, for the better or for the worse.

So let me ask you again, because I believe it is a question that creators need to be challenged with as often as possible: What is your story putting into the world?

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