Visits from on high

It’s Tallis Tale Time 👍😃

Tallis Steelyard

visits from on high

You know what it’s like, just when you think things are difficult, somebody in high authority finds a new and exciting way to make them worse. I mentioned that one year we had a worse than usual summer plague in Port Naain. I suppose that there’s one every year, but they rarely escape from the Warrens and the Sump where the foul airs and general miasma seem to breed them. But every so often the dark humours drift across the city.

Even so they rarely have an impact on the more prosperous areas, so in the Merchant Quarter or in Dilbrook you’re far more likely to have your cook kidnapped by the hirelings of a Partannese Warlord’s favourite concubine than you are to be struck down by one of these summer illnesses. Even then, if you’re fit and well fed, you’ll normally shake it off.

But in those years where…

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