The last Pimm’s… #narrowboat #boating #England

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Got up this morning at my usual Sparrowfart O’Clock, up and down the (inside of) the boat a few times doing the routine jobs from tending to Mr Stove to making the bed. Checked for there being no-one nearby or on the horizon, and then staggered outside for to check the outside of the Cardinal, that no birds had emptied their bowels on my solar panels, no duck had set up home on the stern button, the ropes were all looking happy – and to get some air and some early-morning low sunshine (and some Ditamin V).

Also got a sort of tragic, happy-sad laugh. The sort of laugh that a chap doesn’t really need, if truth be told. There was a slice of cucumber floating along. It seemed to my brain-gland that perhaps someone had flung the remnants of the last Pimm’s of Civilisation into the canal. The glass…

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