How To Stay Creative When The World Is On Fire

K.M. Allan

Raise your hand if you’ve been having trouble concentrating this last week. With Coronavirus sweeping the world, it’s been hard to think about anything other than keeping your #SocialDistance and what you will do now it’s impossible to find toilet paper.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to work from home, you’re also facing the new challenges of staying on task. As someone who has worked from home for years, I know that the lure of wandering to the kitchen for a snack every ten minutes is strong. I also know that sitting down to eat lunch with the TV “in the background” can quickly turn into an afternoon of watching Medium reruns instead of working.

With everything happening in the world, there’s also plenty of writing hours lost to checking news cycles and Twitter feeds, which only amps up your anxiety and zaps all your creative energy.


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One thought on “How To Stay Creative When The World Is On Fire

  1. I’ve been having trouble concentrating for the past year–mostly on writing! Seems like the COVID-19 and the completion of all those other projects leaves me no choice! I was at my desk in the cubicle farm of a local government agency when the planes hit the Twin Towers and then the Pentagon. Many of us watched the news on the TV in the agency director’s office (he was out; the TV for stuff on the County’s own channel). Soon enough, everyone was allowed to go home. I worked in Fairfax County, a suburb of DC. After checking that my wife was OK–who also was going home from her job elsewhere, I resumed working on the budget. Not that I wasn’t concerned about the horrors of 9/11, it offered a great opportunity to focus without distractions on a task that was time-bound. Oh, I check the news on the virus during the day but it won’t keep me from tasks like this one and getting back on my writing.

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