Should You Write Fast or Write Well? – by Melissa Donovan…

on Writing Forward:

In recent years there has been a trend building around writing fast. The idea is to finish a book as quickly as possible, publish it, and start immediately on the next book. You soon have a decent sized catalog. Each release creates new opportunities for marketing, so you are constantly able to promote your works.

This trend seems to be more popular among indie authors, since traditionally published authors are contractually obligated to go through the longer process that many publishers require, which includes multiple revisions of the work and carefully timed publication dates. I’ve seen indie authors publishing books as fast as once a month, but many are putting out a book every three months or so. They’re writing pretty fast.

Writing that fast is not a bad idea, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea either.

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4 thoughts on “Should You Write Fast or Write Well? – by Melissa Donovan…

  1. It is a constant struggle I find to not just finish my book asap and publish it. I have to keep reminding myself that every time I rewrite and edit, it gets that little bit better. So ultimately I think take time and write well.

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