How Can Writers Pay It Forward? – by Jami Gold…

Many of us write because we want to connect with readers. Maybe we want to make them think or not feel alone or simply entertain them for a bit.

Similar reasons explain why I write this blog. I often call myself pathologically helpful, and it makes my day when other writers let me know my advice or insights or tools helped them with their writing.

I know I’m not alone, as many of my fellow writers love helping the next generation develop their skills. “Paying it forward” is a concept many of us are familiar with—the idea that we help others succeed, just as we were helped in our journey to improve.

So let’s compare notes on what “paying it forward” can mean for writers:

  • How were we helped earlier in our writing career?
  • What helped us the most and why?
  • What kind of help would we have loved to receive but didn’t?
  • What can we do now to pay that assistance forward to upcoming writers?

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