Writing Fight Scenes With Female Characters – With Aiki Flinthart…

on The Creative Penn:

Whether you write fantasy with sword fights, historical fiction, domestic noir, or thrillers, chances are you will construct a fight scene at some point in your author career. In today’s interview, martial artist Aiki Flinthart gives some ideas for writing fight scenes with female characters, whether they are trained fighters or in an unprepared situation.

[Please note: We talk about violence by, between and against women in this episode. In an empowering manner, for sure, but be clear that this interview is about physical violence.]

You can listen above or on your favorite podcast app or read the notes and links below. Here are the highlights and full transcript below.

Show Notes

  • What fight scenes add to books in terms of conflict
  • How fight scenes can be a metaphor
  • Remembering that characters must be changed by both internal and external conflict
  • How and why women fight differently than men. We also mention the episode with Alan Baxter on writing fight scenes — and if you’d like to know more about sword fighting, check out this interview with Guy Windsor.
  • How women and men are socialized differently around violence
  • Using setting to help write a good fight scene
  • How posture and presence affect how we are perceived — don’t be a victim.
  • Tips for different types of self-defense

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