The pitfalls of Ontological Nihilism

Walmant Berkwit is not a man to be ignored …

or even, not ignored …

I think …


Tallis Steelyard

The pitfalls of Ontological Nihilism

One of the advantages of being a poet is that I am excused philosophy. Admittedly I have been challenged on this topic by a number of philosophers over the years. My response has always been to demand from them a score of decent rhymes for silver as a price for continuing the discussion. (Note that ‘bigger’, ‘dinner’, ‘kilter’, ‘killed her’ and ‘river’ do not count.)

Still I do occasionally get involved in the philosophical periphery, and my involvement came because I found Walmant Berkwit wandering on the streets of Port Naain looking for the University. Because I was going in that direction, I led him there. To be honest I felt that had I merely given him directions, he would never have made it. Indeed I introduced him at the porter’s lodge and he was marked down as my guest.

Had I been more prescient I would have had him…

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