Foreshadowing Tips

K.M. Allan

One of the best elements that you can add to your book is foreshadowing, which is dropping clues for your readers so they don’t get to that awesome plot twist and immediately think, “Where did that come from?”

In that situation, the reaction you want is “OMG, yes!” or “I knew it! Mind blown.” And to get it, you need these tips!

Foreshadowing Tips

Make It Believable

The first rule of foreshadowing is to use it believably.

Even unbelievable twists designed to turn your plot on its head benefit from this rule, because if the twists come out of nowhere you will not get the impact you want.

The best foreshadowing is something casual. A mention of a character’s fear in a low-key conversation, or a key item listed in their possession among other everyday items like it’s no big deal. Only later does that fear or key item come…

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