10 ways to save money on editing – by Lisa Poisso…

As an emerging author, you may be frustrated to discover that you shouldn’t be following the lead of experienced authors when it comes to your editing budget and saving money on editing. The editing needs of seasoned authors are different from yours. Writers at earlier stages of their careers need strong developmental guidance. You need a strong story to even make it out of the starting gate. No amount of copyediting spit and polish will keep readers turning the pages of a lackluster story.

Yet developmental editing is the most expensive type of editing. I see you doing the math in your head: the most expensive kind of editing is most important of all for new authors, who are least likely to recoup that investment from book sales. Ouch.

But realize that you’ll be recouping your investment in other ways. The better the editing you get in the early stages of your career, the more you’ll learn about writing and revision and the faster your story crafting and writing skills will level up. A growth mindset changes everything.

In the meantime, you’re not without alternatives. Effective ways to save money on editing are well within your reach at every stage of your writing career.

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