How To Keep Yourself Sane When Self-Publishing

K.M. Allan

Almost every step of the writing process has elements that can mess with your head.

There are the characters that won’t stop talking when you’re writing. The endless editing that has you correcting words in your sleep. Writing queries or a one-page synopsis (one page!) and dealing with generic rejections that give no clue about whether you’re a good writer or if your story works (always leaving you to think the worst).

Lately, I’ve waded into a new kind of insanity; trying to self-publish my book.

If you’re about to embark on the same path, hello, my friend. Pack some chocolate, leave your ego behind, and learn from my mistakes/lessons/takeaways…

How To Keep Yourself Sane When Self-Publishing

Know What You Want

Are you just going the ebook route? Do you want print and an ebook? Hardcover options? Author copies? Do you want your friends and family to be able to…

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