Leotards, drumsticks and doughnuts

Jim Webster


It has to be remembered that I live a comparatively quiet life. Or try to. But then every so often things get out of hand. This is normally because I’m in the right place at the wrong time. Like this evening. Our town has a foodbank. It’s really well run and the community support it to the hilt. Anyway it doesn’t just get donations from individuals, but local firms support it as well.

One company that supports a lot of charities is the company, Greggs. They’re a firm I’ve got a lot of time for. On two evenings a week, it’s the foodbank’s turn to go and collect the stuff they haven’t sold and is safe to share out. And this evening it was my turn to do the collection.
Actually the Greggs delivery is very useful for a foodbank. Some people come in who are genuinely hungry. Well you…

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