Delta Pearl Delay

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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Paddlewheel Riverboat by Dan Antion Paddlewheel Riverboat by Dan Antion

Happy weekend, my chuckaboos!  You must be tired of hearing me complain — I’ve had “the everything flu” for two weeks.  I’m finally doing better, although sinus and tummy issues are still trying to hang on.  Anyhow, after two weeks of it, I’m purely exhausted and couldn’t get a chapter of  The Delta Pearl ready.

To keep you entertained and in a riverboat mindset, Dan Antion has a wonderful, image filled post about his visit to the Connecticut River Museum, in Essex, CT.  If you love the setting of The Delta Pearl I’m sure you will enjoy Dan’s post.

Walking beam steam engine model CT Maritime Museum Dan Antion Model of a walking beam steam engine. This was the power plant of most steamships. Photo by Dan Antion

Meanwhile, John W. Howell got me interested in the Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC).  I’m starting out small (and spending the scant…

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