7 Tips to Writing Semi-Coherent Dialogue

Great writing tips from Charles 👍😎

Legends of Windemere

You would be surprised how often people get confused on writing dialogue.  To be fair, it isn’t easy.  Not everyone uses the same amount or the same structure.  You have a variation of tags and tactics when it comes to dialogue.  Don’t even get me started on the long paragraphs of one character speaking that you have to figure out how to break up or throw in some action parts to reveal he or she is doing more than jabbering away without moving.  So, I’m going to give some suggestions on how to freshen up your dialogue . . . That or I’m about to make it worse.

  1. If you have two characters going back and forth, you can eventually stop using the tags altogether.  At least for this conversation, you can go without signifying who is talking because the reader has realized there are only two people.  Large chunks…

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