Wuffa’s Sword

Have We Had Help?

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The king’s wooden hall was filled to capacity; at its centre stood the great brazier that heated the hall. Its walls were lined with expensive, richly coloured wall hangings made by the finest artisans.

Below where Wuffa’s mighty sword and shield hung, sat Rædwald, lord and undisputed king of the East Angles. To his right sat his two sons Rægenhere and Eorpwald and their uncle Eni, Rædwald’s younger brother; to Rædwald’s left, sat his wife Eabæ the mother of his beloved sons.

Rædwald glowered at the cause of his current torment, who was seated with Rædwald’s thanes and ceorls, to one side of the hall. Edwin, the true heir to the throne of Deira, brother in law of Æthelfrith of Northumbria had sought Rædwald’s protection after attempts were made on his life at Æthelfrith’s command.

At first Rædwald was all in favour of either killing him, or simply returning him…

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