6 UK Agents Actively Expanding Their Client Lists – by Erica Verrillo…

on Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity:

Here are six UK agents actively expanding their client lists.

Kate Evans is seeking narrative nonfiction and fiction.

Zoe King represents nonfiction.

Zoe Apostolides manages a list of crime, historical, young adult and children’s authors and is also looking to build a non-fiction list. She is especially interested in original horror novels, coming-of-age stories and any sort of whodunnit.

Andrew Gordon is interested in handling quality non-fiction projects of all kinds as well as fiction.

Lauren Gardner is looking for non-fiction projects ranging from people undertaking extraordinary challenges and having amazing adventures, to celebrities, aspiring foodies and lifestyle brands. She has a passion for children’s literature and is also looking for YA and middle grade debuts with heart, humor and maybe a supernatural twist or two.

Jon Wood  is looking for entertaining and diverse stories, well told from  right across the spectrum – crime, thrillers, bookclub fiction and SFF. He is also interested in narrative non-fiction, popular science, sport, politics and ideas projects.

Always check the agency website and agent bio before submitting. Agents can switch agencies or close their lists.

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