#Booklover – Are You a Plot Twist Thrill Seeker? #TuesdayBookBlog #Bookish

Lucy Mitchell

Book reviews will resume next week. 

For now I think it is time to talk about those of us who love a good plot twist.

Important question: are you a plot twist thrill seeker? 

Check out the signs below to see whether you are one:

  1. You crave the rush of excitement and adrenalin from a good plot twist.
  2. You don’t want to read dull and predictable books.
  3. You are constantly searching for the ultimate plot twist. This means you are likely to have multiple books on the go
  4. You trawl through book reviews searching for phrases like ‘WOW – what a plot twist!’ and ‘OMG – I never saw that twist coming!’  Once spotted you hunt down, purchase and read it.
  5. While starting a good book you can be heard muttering things like; ‘I haven’t experienced a good twist in weeks!’
  6. Reading enjoyment for you comes from trying to…

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