Windemere Monsters: Giltris #fantasy #adventure

Humanoid type reptiles are Charles’ offer today 😱

Legends of Windemere


Not that hard to explain these guys since they are what you would expect from the picture above.  The Giltris are lizard people who live in various tribal systems throughout Windemere.  Being cold-blooded, most of them stick to swamps and jungles, but there are some that have found ways to survive in mountains.  This is typically through the finding of hot springs and wearing pelts from animals they kill.

The other tribes only wear loin clothes and the occasional armor into battle.  Laying eggs instead of live young, the Giltris don’t suckle their babies.  This means both males and females have the same chest structure that is primarily muscle.  You can tell them apart from the size and various natural ornamentation.  Males are bigger with a colorful part that retracts, which can be found anywhere from the top of the head to the tip of their powerful tails.  Females…

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