How you grow…

10 thoughts on “How you grow…

  1. As a teacher many policy decisions have frustrated me. For instance, we had a reading program like in the cartoon that first assessed kids then gave them a “zone of proximal development” for independent reading. As a school, we were ordered to make sure that our students checked out books “at their level” before taking computer tests on them. The goal, of course, was to help children grow. However, like the cartoon, it was limiting.
    I have often debated with colleagues about what was best for the kids and did my best to encourage my students to read any book they choose.
    It’s not easy being a teacher; our profession is so political and often changes are instituted that are often more about some politician making a name for him/herself than thoughtful, self-esteem building, research based evidence.
    My answer is to love and encourage them.

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  2. Right he is. The librarian is the fighter for reading freedom. Yes, reading things beyond their reading level might make the kids ask more, but that is a good sign for sure – curiosity is a sign of intelligence after all.

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