Surprising Similarities Between The Writer & The Phoenix 🔥 #AmWriting


Writing and publishing my debut novel has been an unforgettable experience. As I look back at my four-year book journey I can’t help but notice the reoccuring process of creation, destruction and resurrection. I have spent four years doing just this; creating my draft manuscript, destroying my draft manuscript and resurrecting my draft manuscript.

Now I know I am not alone in this process of creating, destroying and resurrecting drafts. I only have to browse through the Twitter hashtags #AmWriting and #WritingCommunity to see there are hundreds of writers out there all going through the same process.

This process makes me think of the mythical bird; the phoenix. After a strong coffee and a giant piece of cake I discovered these surprising similarities between the writer and the phoenix.

  1. The phoenix is a strange and mysterious creature. So is the writer. I don’t think anyone is going to argue with…

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