Book Marketing: 10 Best Book Trailer Types – by Adam Cushman…

on The Creative Penn:

Writers may not think of the visual options for marketing a book. But as Adam Cushman points out in this post, creating a trailer for your book is a great way to target readers, especially 19-to-24 year olds, of whom 96% are YouTube watchers.


Book trailers have evolved a ton over the last decade or so. With studies showing that 82% of all online activity involves watching video, authors and publishers have jumped all over this new art form and created fresh and innovative ways to promote books.

The upshot is that there are many ways to make a book trailer, whether it’s similar to a movie trailer, or features the author, or uses animation to tease the story.

Below is a list of ten different types of book trailer productions that just begin to scrape the surface of how to market books creatively.

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