Quick Tip: Save Your Outlines – by Elizabeth S. Craig…

Here’s a quick tip for those of you who already like to outline: save your outlines for your older books.

I’m now over 30 books in and I’ve found my memory seriously failing when it comes to remembering non-recurring characters and plots.

The problem is most-evident with books published 8-10 years ago, but I may also struggle with details from books I wrote last year.

There are just too many books.

Or maybe it’s just that my memory completely stinks.  🙂

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One thought on “Quick Tip: Save Your Outlines – by Elizabeth S. Craig…

  1. Reblogged this on Claire Plaisted – Indie Author and commented:
    A good idea for those who outline their stories. Personally, I write by the seat of my pants…This means I have over 80 draft stories on my computers…If I can’t remember something I go back and re-read…get into the story. Another way I am going to start to work is by compiling info for each book…I suppose they could be called a character list. Thanks for the post.

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