What To Do With Bad Feedback

K.M. Allan

So, it happened. You gave your manuscript to someone to read, expecting accolades, messages of praise, or at the very least, confirmation the story and characters are good—and the feedback wasn’t what you were expecting.

In fact, it signaled that your MS is bad. Really. Bad.

While this kind of feedback is enough to crush you as a writer, especially when you’re at the start of your journey, they say every cloud has a silver lining, and in cases like these, that lining is actually a good thing.

What To Do With Bad Feedback

Now, what you could do with bad feedback is to write it off. They were wrong! They don’t know what they’re talking about! They must have read something else because the MS is perfect!

You could throw yourself a pity party. Cater it with copious amounts of chocolate and you’ve got yourself…

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7 thoughts on “What To Do With Bad Feedback

  1. Thanks for the heads-up – I jumped across and commented. Interesting post. Of course, I was always told that the answer to bad criticism is to write letters to your critics and then burn them. I tried that. But then I didn’t know what to do with the letters…:-)

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