Why There Will Always Be People Who Don’t Understand Your Creative Life – And That’s Okay! #Writer #Creatives


This can be a tough one to accept.

If you are a creative personthere will always be people in your life who will never:

  • Understand why you spend hours, days, months, years working on the same story.
  • Understand why you read so many books a week.
  • Share your creative enthusiasm for your creative projects.
  • Understand why you’re cartwheeling around the garden after receiving one tiny sentence of positive feedback.
  • Understand your weird and wonderful creative ways.
  • Be able to relate to the buzz you get inside when your blog post is being shared or liked.

These are the ones who say stuff like “I don’t understand why have you just spent your whole day rewriting a paragraphImean who does that?”


“Why are you sat at thekitchentable crying over 157 words?”

Their lack of understanding doesn’t mean they are bad or cruel. They are…

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