Turkey Shoot

Based on a real historical event, here’s an excerpt from Andrew’s book ‘Yellow Hair’

Andrew Joyce


On a cold December morning in 1890 with snow on the ground, three hundred and fifty unarmed Lakota Indians (120 men and 230 women and children) were massacred at Wounded Knee Creek by soldiers of the 7th Cavalry—Custer’s old outfit.

The Congressional Medal of Honor was awarded to twenty-three men of the Seventh. This is the story of one of those brave men.

(An Excerpt from the Novel, Yellow Hair)

All One Hundred And Twenty Men, one hundred and twenty-one if you included Yellow Hair, formed a single line. Each man was to place his weapons—knives, tomahawks, and war clubs, as well guns—in a pile as they advanced to the front of the line.

Yellow Hair was farther back; at the head of the line stood two soldiers with an officer off to one side. The Indians were to place their weapons on the ground between the…

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5 thoughts on “Turkey Shoot

  1. I’ll say next to nothing, since my human already ran her mouth (well, she did it pretty well, for something well deserved, so I’ll give her a pass here). I’m really writing to see if this post will go through, since WordPress apparently does not want to show my “like” here, although I am logged in. Oh, the hard life of a blogging feline!

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  2. Yellow Hair was my favorite Andrew Joyce novel (if I had a gun to my head and HAD to choose a favorite) … until Mahoney. But I have to say, Yellow Hair is right up there with Mahoney in every aspect. Interesting, educational, characters you’ll love and those you’ll dislike immensely. Can’t praise it enough, actually….fantastic read!

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