16 Military Phrases and Cliches That Screenwriters/Book writers Need to Stop Using 

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Ken Miyamoto knows screenplays so you can be sure he knows what he’s talking about related to his post on writing military cliches. Even though he’s talking about writing for film (or TV), the same would go for fiction.

So if you write military based fiction, take a gander at Ken’s post.


Ken Miyamoto lists military phrases and cliches that screenwriters should avoid to create a more authentic military-driven screenplay.

Source: 16 Military Phrases and Cliches That Screenwriters Need to Stop Using – ScreenCraft

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  1. A good thing about writers having blogging access to other writers is the fact that a few are ex-military. A scene from one of my books was a war scene and a writer with extensive military experience read it over. He gave me excellent feedback.

    I suppose you could call my area of “expertise” social work, so when I saw a glaring error in a book (as a beta reader) I pointed out that a particular scene was extremely unrealistic. I was told “it’s fiction.” I’m not a perfect writer, and I make my share of mistakes, I can only hope that ignoring advice from the “experts” isn’t one of them.

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