THE ANNUAL BLOGGERS BASH 2019 – directions

A handy little ‘How to Get There’, with photos, in case you need it 😎

The Annual Bloggers Bash

So you
are coming to this year’s Bash. You’ve dug out your best hat, because Sacha is
a stickler for standards, polished your shoes (Graeme, ditto) and invested in a
Kevlar jacket (to deflect the ferocity of the Hugh Hug – he’s not known as the
Swansea Strangler for nothing). You will be arriving in the great souk that is
London on a Saturday morning, when all sorts of ne’er do wells and foot-pads
are abroad, determined to discombobulate you and deflect you from your

So how
can I help ease some anxiety? How do you get to:

Grange Wellington Hotel

71-72 Vincent Square, London,SW1P 2PA, United

this door awaits.

What is
behind it? Who? Why? All will be revealed on Saturday 15th June 2019. Well not
all. Hugh’s tattoo has been known to melt people’s sinuses. Viewings are
strictly by appointment.

at the Portal Of…

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