Let Sleeping Authors Lie

Legends of Windemere

Wednesday Addams

So, I had an idea for a theme this week and it was ‘Eat, Drink, and Be Merry’.  I thought the first two worked together and decided that sleeping should be mentioned.  Anyway, these three things are fairly essential to authors once you step out of the writing arena.  We really can’t function without these three things.  In fact, nobody can, so this isn’t special to authors.  I’m simply using my own life as a focal point.  Now, why is sleeping important?

  1. It’s hard to write when you pass out on the keyboard.  Imagine being at 50 pages and you conk out.  Head goes down and you spend the next few hours having the ‘H’ key be pushed down.  Then the document auto-saves.  Even worse, you’re pushing down the ‘backspace’ key.  Probably best to take a nap and not take the risk.
  2. Some great ideas can turn up…

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