Things Bookworms Worry About When Reading Book Series #Bookish #bookseries


As a bookworm I enjoy reading a good book series, I love the excitement of finishing a first book and making a frantic dash onto Amazon to buy the second. I am a big fan of watching an author’s Twitter feed like a hawk for news on when the next book in their series is coming out.

Book series demand a different sort of reading mindset from you.

At the outset you have to accept the following:

You are in this for the long haul. Completing a book series can take months and even years in some cases, depending on how fast the author churns out the books.

The characters you get to know in the first book may not reach the third book. You have to keep control of your emotions.

If like me, you enjoy keeping the author updated on your book progress via tweets, regular DM messages…

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