Baked On Board – my time as a prisoner of the pizza boat #narrowboat #boating #bakedonboard #pizza

Ian makes another discovery on the canals 🍕

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

It is truly gob-smacking what may be found roaming around England’s canals.

Sometimes, it’s also lip-smacking.

This is the “pizza boat” – Baked on Board.

I kid you not, there really is a narrowboat roaming the system with a ruddy great wood-fired pizza oven on the bow.

It did make me think of poor Patrick McGoohan though, trapped in the television series “The Prisoner“, chased relentlessly by that bouncing white sphere…

I too ended up flat on my face in a food coma. TBH accompanying the pizza with two double gins from the Venetian Hire Boats & Chandlery didn’t help matters in re remaining upright.

ThePrisonerRover Poor Mr McGoohan.


How civilised is this? Where’ere the pizza boat moors and opens its doors you can oik up, bung in your order from the extensive, caters-for-all menu, and the chaps aboard will begin to bang out the pizza base…

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