The Importance of Balance in Our Lives – by Jami Gold…

Finding a good work-life balance is tricky for just about everyone. That often goes double for writers, as our writing can fall into its own category that’s not quite work…and not quite personal.

Unless we’re writing full-time and treating it as a full-time job, we might think our writing doesn’t “count” as work—especially if we’re not earning decent money from our writing. Yet if we want to treat writing as more than a hobby, we likely don’t want to count it as personal either, as that can imply “me” time, which wouldn’t allow us enough opportunities to write.

In addition, many writers fit in writing time around a day job, which means our writing can eat into our limited family or personal time. We might feel guilty for taking time to do something for ourselves if we’re not bringing in enough money yet to justify the time as a job. At the same time, when family, life, or personal obligations overwhelm us, we can feel guilty—like we’re not prioritizing our writing “enough” for days, weeks, or months at a time.

In other words, finding the “right” balance for writing in our lives is a constant and never-ending struggle. Despite the difficulty, we need to pursue our life vs. writing vs. work balance, or we can suffer in multiple ways.

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