7 Tips to Writing an Ending Whether You Want To or Not

Great tips from , Charles 👍😃

Legends of Windemere

That’s a heavy quote . . . Let’s lighten the mood with a humorous list of ways an author can end a story.

  1. Don’t do it!  You might never have another idea and people already like this one.  Even if you have another idea, it might pale in comparison to what you’re working on at this moment.  You can never stop!  Squeeze every bit of lore out of this story and then give it an open-ended finale to allow yourself to come back later.  Eternity is the only way to survive!
  2. Aim for some level of closure.  Sure, you can leave things open for another tale, but bring this story to a true end.  That way, if you don’t come back, the series has an actual ending.  Keep in mind that closure is something you should probably ease into instead of one sudden ‘bad guy dies and everyone goes home…

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