Review: “More Glimpses” by Hugh Roberts


#MoreGlimpses #Glimpses #books #shortstories #flashfiction #fictionAfter having enjoyed Hugh’s first book GLIMPSES I had to get the new book “More Glimpses” and I’m glad to report that I really enjoyed it.
It’s another great varied selection of original ideas, thoughtful scenarios, odd characters and some wonderfully weird and scary stories.

This selection seemed to be a little darker than the last one and it included more fantasy and horror leanings with even some ideas on time travel. The title is very apt as we get very short glimpses into all types of lives and scenarios: From 

decisions at the door or in TV shows that can be life altering, to romance on the battlefield; from birth to death – Roberts writes with humour, originality, compassion and heart-felt deeper understanding of human nature.  

There are 32 stories, so difficult to sum up any further. All I can say is they will be worth your time, make…

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