Using Internet Resources to Add Depth to the Scenes in your Novel

Uninspired Writers

Writing is all about imagination, and as writers it’s amazing what we can build out of a small, initial idea. And readers are imaginative too, which is why the whole process of reading/writing is so enjoyable. However, it’s still important to provide realistic descriptions, to help immerse the reader in the moment.

I’ve spoken before about the importance of visiting the location where your novel or story is set. This way you get to really experience all 5 senses, and take note of the things you see, smell, hear, touch and taste. However, sometimes it’s just not possible to visit that place. Maybe it’s too far away, you don’t have time or the money, or simply because the place is fictional and doesn’t exist. As such, I’ve listed a few ways you can use the wonders of the internet, to inspire your mind and help you out if you’ve…

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