Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Num6er5

Two on a Rant

Admit it!

We’ve all done it!!

You go to sleep with 1058 readers and wake up to find you now have 1045 for no apparent reason.

Hey PCB Design, Can Our Data Save Us? | EAGLE | Blog

In the background, on your 60 inch entertainment center, a news commentator says, “The stock market just crashed!  This is the worst depression since 2008!”

But you don’t hear it.

Your gi-normous TV screen is showing people jumping from tall buildings to end it all, throwing bricks into store fronts, looting, screaming,

…and you’re staring at the screen yelling, “What happened to 13 of my followers!”

'Oh my gosh!' Raleigh woman's snow photo goes viral ...

Somewhere in Florida, it’s snowing in July, but you’re too busy checking out every social media site linked to your blog.

Finally!  You look at your Twitter feed and find that the robo-unfollow demon has been very busy eliminating anyone’s followers who aren’t active, so…

…you take 6 hours to scroll through all 5,000 people you’re following…

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