The Windemere Zodiac Signs

Check out how deep Charles goes, to ensure realism in his fantasy series 👍😃

Legends of Windemere

Long ago, I was in college and had free time on the weekend.  The weather had me inside and I wasn’t being very social.  I don’t remember why.  So, I tinkered with my newly created world called Windemere.  For some reason, this turned into a variety of topics such as a calendar, holidays, the Afterlife Planes, and zodiac signs.  I didn’t use a lot of this stuff for some reason, but I do mention a few months.

That isn’t to say some of it won’t be used, which brings me to the Windemere Zodiac.  Way in the future, I have a story revolving around this system.  Each of the 11 signs are actually a god or goddess that has been missing for a long time.  I can’t say why because that’s part of that future story.  Anyway, I thought I’d share:

Gerdoria (Leryna 15-Aberdon 17)

Deity– Goddess of Dragon…

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