Toying with Twitter: A Week of Testing

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Legends of Windemere

Cover Art by Alison Hunt

First, check out War of Nytefall: Rivalry.  Now on to the topic at hand.

Last weekend, I mentioned that I was getting frustrated with Twitter.  There doesn’t seem to be any payoff to using it.  So, I did a little goofing off this week when I could.  Some was even on purpose.  I’m just going to put up my points:

  1. Twitter feeds are so clogged that it is hard to find promos.  Within seconds, I would see something I wanted to retweet has disappeared and I’m looking at either porn, politics, gibberish, or a trending comment.  You have to check constantly or specifically go to a person’s page to check them out.  This means only doing 1 unpinned tweet a day won’t get you very far.  Your own retweets to get attention will drown the tweet.
  2. My War of Nytefall: Rivalry tweets ended up…

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2 thoughts on “Toying with Twitter: A Week of Testing

  1. This is crazy but I put on my Facebook site this morning how lonley I was feeling tweeting. I feel like I’m just talking to myself. I read what others have tweeted and make a comment sometimes but most of the time not. I guess I’m not a person who is good at this.

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