How do you celebrate your Anniversaries? – Guest Post by Jemima Pett…

It seems to be a year of anniversaries this year, as another invitation to a party drops into my inbox.

What was it about 2009, and other years ending in 9, that made this such a popular year.
Or is it just me? My birthyear ends in a 2, so it can’t be related to that, can it?

Blogging Anniversaries

A to Z Blogging Challenge

As April hits its mid-point, you can hardly have missed the A to Z April Blogging Challenge’s tenth anniversary. 2010 was the first year, so this is the tenth. Well, I hope you haven’t since I’m doing it for the eighth time, this time with examples of my previous posts from A to Z each day in April (except Sundays).

Ten years ago…

What spurred the idea of the challenge into Arlee Bird’s mind? Blogging had just hit a first critical point, I think.

WordPress had reached critical mass as an alternative to Blogger.
Those few people who had previously crafted html pages, linked them together, and started writing their thoughts now had a smart, easy to use format which could have static boxes as well as news and views, all with little effort (comparatively).
The power of effective blogging had been spotted—do it regularly

A personal short history of blogging

In my case, I had been maintaining a couple of websites using html saved from Word. I must have started in around 1998. I don’t think you can still ‘save as…’ an html file any more.

You had to upload it to your email’s URL. I ran it on my Compuserve account. Anyone remember Compuserve? It was the main rival to Aol.

There is a guidebook to basic html on my bookshelf. Mine was pretty much limited to colour, emphasis and font sizes. Hardly any pictures, and definitely not alongside script! It was especially useful for colour codes. So useful that I kept it when I had a clear out last week.

I was just getting mired in Frames when I found WordPess and Blogger. I didn’t need to know html any more.

First I had a business website on WordPress for a couple of years, then I had a personal one.

Blogging with my guinea pigs

Then in 2009, the guinea pigs started blogging. With various personnel changes, they’ve been blogging ever since, and even ventured onto Facebook.

At that time, I was writing fiction based on the guinea pigs. Eventually, people asked me to publish them, so I started the author blog, which became my main blog, in 2010. The personal one fell by the wayside, with occasional additions, like my eclipse trip in 2015. Blogging as an author, and writing the books at the same time, is more or less a full-time job, isn’t it?

I have already celebrated my first 5 years, and my first 1000 posts, and the 10,000th comment on

I decided that the guinea pigs deserved to celebrate their anniversary, which I realised, when I checked, was May 7th.

So this year the guinea pigs are blogging from A to Z once a week, to give me enough time on the computer, writing books. They’ll have a special post on May 7th, with a giveaway, and I hope you’ll all come, because there’ll be some super prizes. I think they’re getting excited about it.

Birthdays and weddings

I’ll be worn out, since I’m going to a joint 30th and 70th birthday party the Sunday before, and a 60th the week after, and as I said, I’ve just had an invitation to a ruby wedding anniversary (40 years) a couple of weeks later, and that means there are more later in the year.

How about you? What anniversaries are you celebrating this year? Blogging or otherwise 🙂

Jemima Pett

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