Learning a role!

A cautionary tale..,

Tallis Steelyard

Learning a role

It is always wise to be cautious when dealing with the theatrical profession, especially if it you find yourself involved with agents or impresarios. I find that compared to them, even poets become persons of solid worth and unshakeable integrity.

As a cautionary tale I shall relate the story of Elsa and Mattan. They were children who lived in a village some distance south of Port Naain. Indeed their village was nearer to Avitas, which was considered their local centre.

These two young people could be categorised as ‘childhood sweethearts’ and there was an assumption in the small farming community where they lived that once they had reached their mid-teens they would marry and settle down to a lifetime of backbreaking toil.

Whilst neither raised much objection to the first half of the prospect, the second half didn’t appeal and when Markle the Mummer arrived in their village, the children…

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