Storymart: 5 Pros and Cons for Writers

Georgina Jeffery


Lately I’ve been pursuing publication for some of my short stories, and I feel I’m settling into a good rhythm of submissions and rejections. My current goal, at its barest bones, is to be paid professionally for a piece of my work. A lofty one, I know. Anyone familiar with writing submissions knows just how low the acceptance rate is (I rather like this author’s breakdown of their submission stats, for context) and I know I’ll be waiting a long time for that elusive payout.

However, I came across an intriguing opportunity for short story writers recently. It’s called Storymart.

Storymart is a reader subscription service aimed at lovers of short stories. The creators envision a Netflix-like model, where the reader’s monthly subscription gives them unlimited access to the site’s story content which is provided by writers all over the world. And the writers, rather importantly, get paid.

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4 thoughts on “Storymart: 5 Pros and Cons for Writers

  1. I was wondering, do they accept work from writers with children’s stories. I had posted to another blogger the other day that I had recieved information from an agent. She told me it was next to impossible to break into the publishing world without a very strong following or being famous. I got to say to read it in black and white it shook my world. I have decided that I’m just going to blog my material. I want children to enjoy what I have written that much. My blog is all about storytime and activities for pre-schoo age so, I guess I’ll use it.

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