How much does the truth cost?

A cautionary tale for Authors 😎

Tallis Steelyard

(c) Museums Sheffield; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Every so often the right thing eventually happens. Sometimes artists are even involved. Thus it was when Furan Toothwhite wrote his book. Now Furan is a novelist. By definition a practitioner of an intensely solitary occupation, Furan still managed to somehow acquire a wife, and between them they produced two children. Thus showing, I suppose, that novelists are, in some regards at least, much the same as other folk.

The problem was Furan’s book. He was determined to write the great novel, the defining work of our age. Not content with some tale of thwarted love and unlikely adventure, he wanted to dig deep into the bowels of our society and pull forth choice nuggets of malfeasance for our edification. Thus he set his novel in Port Naain, and in our present day. Not only that but the characters were not merely loosely based on real people, they were the…

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