Excerpt from The Devil’s Apology

Kevin Cooper

My most fond recollection is one particular time when an
Angel warrior came fighting his way through the ranks destroying everything in
his path with a flaming sword. He must have been one of the seraphim. Seraphim
are particularly dangerous enemies who are chosen among the ranks of generals
and great captains by your god. Anyway, my lesser creations were no match for
this great warrior. He slaughtered many of them.

He reminded me much of how Beelzebub had first won my
admiration and I could tell he was out for glory.

He was on a roll and after slaughtering countless of my
lesser beings under Legion’s command, he caught sight of Legion and through his
own arrogance decided he would make an end of him, not knowing his great
secret, of course.

Oh, it is such a fond memory! This arrogant bastard, while
Beelzebub was already occupied with a…

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