The Last ‘Rivalry’ Volunteer Request Post

Have you sent Charles your offer yet?

Legends of Windemere

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It’s only a few more weeks or less before War of Nytefall: Rivalry will be released.  At least that’s the plan.  Either way, I’m still hoping to get a few more volunteers for guest posts.  I have 11 already.  Trying not to be greedy, but I will admit that blogging seems to be the only thing that seems to work in regards to sales.  Anyway, here are the two types of posts I can do if you’re interested:

  1. Standard ‘Book is Live’ post like I do on my blog.
  2. A specific topic chosen for your blog that we can discuss because you know your audiences better than I do.

The big in question is Volume 3 of my vampire/fantasy series.  I mean, magic and monsters fantasy instead of ‘why is the undead guy lurking around a high school for jailbait?’ thing.  This is an action adventure tale…

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