Forget solving a problem like Maria, how do you black a Cardinal’s bottom? #narrowboat #England #canal #boating

Ian and The Cardinal have gone up in the world 😃

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.


Once every two years, more or less, the protection on a narrowboat’s hull has to be re-applied. This is called “blacking” because the paint used is black.

The Cardinal was due, so a few days ago, having mooched up from Middlewich to the boatyard that was top of my enquiries list, I strolled in and made enquiries. Thinking two/three/four or more months hence I was a bit surprised to be told ‘we can begin today and get the first coat on while the weather’s good, do please enjoy this 10% discount and fetch the boat around to the slipway at your earliest convenience.

Chief among the reasons why I wanted to get the job done at this boatyard is that they use a rinky-dinky patented-invention trailer to get the boats onto dry land; the Cardinal would not be swinging on straps under some ill-maintained, ill-driven crane arrangement. Second among…

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One thought on “Forget solving a problem like Maria, how do you black a Cardinal’s bottom? #narrowboat #England #canal #boating

  1. Thank’ee kindly sirrah, ti smuch appreciated. T’weather here this morning is clement enough for a touch more paint to be slapped on… although this afternoon is slated to be grotty again! Slow progress, but progress. 🙂

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