A most splendid cruise indeed, if a little fraught with boat traffic… #narrowboat #England #boating #canals

Ian is in The Dock!!!
But it’s not what you think 😃

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

A few days ago, lazily, I took the Cardinal up through a couple of locks in the town of Middlewich – and nearer to a supermarket, thus having less distance to lug some shopping back to the boat. These moorings were right in the middle of town, albeit a relatively civilised town…

1P1160918 Middlewich Town – this stretch was sans H20 during the breach. Civilised moorings, but still urban moorings.

The shop in question was through a couple of alleyways, along a couple of roads, through a car park and Bob’s your aunty. Rather delightfully, the place sells 227g bags of very potable cocaine coffee for a third or less of the more usual price, £1.20 versus £3.60 and upwards. An incentive to shop there if ever there was one.

Once the grocery baskets were sated I decided to move on again, on very nearly indeed the  last leg of our…

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2 thoughts on “A most splendid cruise indeed, if a little fraught with boat traffic… #narrowboat #England #boating #canals

  1. Given the winds that we have here this evening (and predicted for tonight) I’m not sure whether tis better to be here on dry land – but up on blocks – or if it would be better to be afloat, hoping that my Boy Scout knots hold! Hope that it’s not as blowy where you are. Many thanks for the re-blog, tis much appreciated. 🙂

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